Got your back

from by LAZY CLASS



So many problems I’ve tried to ignore but
Had to face’em by the time that I’ve grown up
When I was young I had nothin’ to lose
But I found myself virtues in this world full of abuse
You see I’ve always seemed to make it through
With a help from my friends and family, it all turned out good
Right now, I’m standin’ strong and proud of me and my life
After all these years I know I’ll survive

Times have changed for the worse, but I’ve changed for the better
If there goes something wrong, I know we’ll face it together
When we fall down, we’ll get up, we’ll always survive
No matter what times come, I am stayin’ alive

You see we understand eachother, this bond is unquestionable
In every situation, we’ll always make it through
I’ve found you and I don’t feel lonely anymore
After all these years I know I’ll endure

Noone can hurt you, when we’re united
My enemies can’t stop me, when my friends stay beside me
I’ve got your back and you’ve got mine too
This one’s for all the skinheads and punks, this one’s for the crew


from Hell of San Domingo, released September 5, 2015



all rights reserved


LAZY CLASS Warsaw, Poland

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