Hell of San Domingo


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released September 5, 2015



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LAZY CLASS Warsaw, Poland

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Track Name: Got your back
So many problems I’ve tried to ignore but
Had to face’em by the time that I’ve grown up
When I was young I had nothin’ to lose
But I found myself virtues in this world full of abuse
You see I’ve always seemed to make it through
With a help from my friends and family, it all turned out good
Right now, I’m standin’ strong and proud of me and my life
After all these years I know I’ll survive

Times have changed for the worse, but I’ve changed for the better
If there goes something wrong, I know we’ll face it together
When we fall down, we’ll get up, we’ll always survive
No matter what times come, I am stayin’ alive

You see we understand eachother, this bond is unquestionable
In every situation, we’ll always make it through
I’ve found you and I don’t feel lonely anymore
After all these years I know I’ll endure

Noone can hurt you, when we’re united
My enemies can’t stop me, when my friends stay beside me
I’ve got your back and you’ve got mine too
This one’s for all the skinheads and punks, this one’s for the crew
Track Name: (We are) Lazy Class
Tell me baby is something wrong
When you look at me in this very special way
Is something wrong
When I lie on the couch
With yet another open beer
Dirty wife-beater and old blue jeans

Tell me baby haven’t you had enough
Seeing me shavin’ my head, headin’ down the pub
Spendin’ all the money on music
I know we ain’t got much
I promise that next time
I’ll buy you something nice

Sorry ladies, we are Lazy Class
This culture’s our passion, we won’t abandon that
That’s our way of life, playin’ a show for a couple of brats
All we want is to see all the bootboys unite

We don’t expect much, we all know how it is
There’s nothingin this world for us, nothing to achieve
But we’re always stay faithful
Don’t worry about us
Everything’s gonna be alright
We’ll make it back home tonight
Track Name: Voice of Oi!
Don’t wanna live like the rest of society
What leads our path is our hearts not the greed
We stay against mob mentality
You’d like us different, we don’t give a shit
We never felt right in the crowd
We’ve always stood alone, but stood strong and proud
We’ve always fought alone for our rights
We’ll always remember the fights, deep inside our hearts

This is the voice of Oi!
Voice of the hated, voice of the rejected
We didn’t choose it, the world did
Our rights were always neglected
This is the voice of Oi!
Voice of the people who fight for their beliefs
Anti-social, no authorities
That’s what we were born to be

Heard it many times – wasted generation
We stand against the rest of our nation
We don’t fit, we can read between the lines
There’s nowhere to go, there’s no one to trust
That’s our destiny, our way of life
Never surrender, fight to survive
This is our movement, our identity
Music is our passion, our freedom, sincerity
Track Name: Gotta find a way
Everythin’ seemed so easy, when you were just a kid
All seemed black and white, everythin’ seemed obvious and clear
You thought you knew solutions for all the problems of this world
But the point of view was changin’ as you were getting’ old

How to live your life, you gotta find a way
I don’t have a recipe, still lookin’ for my own
So many paths to follow, so many mistakes to make
Choose your own way of life, live it your own way

Things gettin’ complicated, it ain’t easy life
Sometimes it’s only one step to fall dawn and never get up
So many false prophets around want to take away your soul
So you gotta watch out, find your own way to go
Track Name: Hard lesson
Walkin' down the same street, I've seen it all before
Cold, rainy night, and I'm walkin' all alone
Bad times of dejection, you see there's nowhere I wanna go
It's been so long, lost faith in people so long ago

My life has taught me, not to trust in good intentions
All the bad memories, they stay forever I keep remember'em
It's so hard to believe, that someone might be helpful
All I have is my doubt, my doubt in friendly gestures

People passin' by, grey faces, empty eyes
All of them are disgruntled, in the end it ain't no surprise
You see the corrupt and the wicked, seem to live easier lives
And the hardworkin' have too little, to live, but too much to die
Track Name: Hell of San Domingo
For your and our freedom, had to fought for so many years
Trusted little general who promised us to liberate our land
Shed blood in his wars, killed in his name
Then sent to San Domingo, the island that became our grave

It’s a hell of san domingo
That island become our grave
We’ll never see our homes again
Which we wanted to liberate
We lost our will to fight
We lost our hope
It’s a hell of san domingo
Where you can find our bones

Our history was tragic as the freedom fighters
Who were send to god's forgotten land to suppress insurrection
We stood against people like us, who fought for freedom
Different banners, same ideals - fighting for liberation

From 6000 of us only 300 survived
We were just tools in politicians’ hands
We were supposed to crush the rebels, who fought for their rights
Ended up losing our lives in this senseless fight